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Xavier and Miguel




Art200 Bucharest Queer Film Festival, Rome Queer Film Days, Mix Brasil São Paulo, Mostra Que Desejo Rio de Janeiro, Mostra de Cinema de Tiradentes,BUFF Malmö, Freiburg Gay Film Festival, Cine Jardim, Cineteatro Nininha Rocha Uberlândia,Bucharest Pride,Views of opposite Grenoble, CeSaMe Toulouse, Slovak Queer Film Festival Bratislava,


Subsidy granted by the city of São Paulo (Brazil)

Documentary short film directed by Ricky Mastro,
Produced by Poney Films

My position: Chief Editor

Xavier decides to film his weekend with his best friend Miguel with his cell phone to tell the world and his father, Nicolas, that he may be in love with him. Xavier and Miguel is the sequel to the short film Xavier (2015).

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