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The Sketch


Premiere: April 2023


Stock exchange draft of a dream of the Scam and the Culture device with Private Copying
CNC Program Assistance
CNC Diversity Images Fund
Nouvelle-Aquitaine Film Workout

Angoa / Procirep


Hot Docs, Champs-Elysées Film Festival, Outfest, Silhouette, Kinoforum São Paulo International Short Film Festival, Minikino Film Week, Animasyros, Brazil in Movements, Animage, Oslo Fusion, Curtas Belo Horizonte, Leeds, IDFA, Interfilm Berlin, Pöff Shorts, Sweethearts, Manchester Animation Festival, Bogoshorts

Produced by Don Quixote films

My position: Screenwriter, Director and co-editor

I learned to speak French and in this way to draw my surroundings. In Paris in an artist's studio, I met Linda DeMorrir, a living model. Like me, she is transgender and an immigrant. When she speaks, moves, sees the world, I am captivated. By making his sketch, I too am learning to draw in this new country.

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